Our catalogue for 2022:


MŰCSARNOK / Kunsthalle - Martin Parr: Life's a beach

© Martin Parr – Eastbourne, England, 1995-99

MŰCSARNOK / Kunsthalle – 1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 37.
Martin Parr: Life’s a Beach 
2022.03.26. – 06.26.
Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00, Thursdays 12:00-20.00
The BUDAPEST PHOTO FESTIVAL and the KUNSTHALLE / MŰCSARNOK welcome visitors with a special premiere at the opening exhibition of the Budapest Photo Festival’s 6th edition. 
Martin Parr, British photographer and the star of MAGNUM PHOTOS, is one of the best-known representatives of European contemporary colour photography, whose work is on show in Hungary for the first time. A tireless chronicler of the present, for more than four decades he has been exploring the phenomena of everyday life, from the British perception of the weather, the ideal home, or shopping and entertainment habits, to capturing the national character. 
The exhibition Life’s a Beach, held in two rooms of the Kunsthalle, features a selection of his observations from popular beach resorts. Parr has had an intimate relationship with the seaside since childhood, often visiting the beaches of northern England with his amateur photographer grandfather, and later returning as a young photographer to show how the average Englishman holidays. For Parr, the seaside is an exceptional public space where the absurdities of general human behaviour and the local oddities blend seamlessly together. People can relax, indulge in their pleasures, sunbathe or read, and the photographer can indulge in experiments with the camera. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the different periods of his four-decade career, from The Last Resort (1986), a series set on the seafront of New Brighton near Liverpool, which marked the beginning of his international career, to No Worries (2012), a series documenting the port cities of Western Australia. Whenever he was concerned with stereotypes surrounding Europeans, or bizarre manifestations of consumerism, or even what the English thought of England, Parr would go for a walk along the coast. He visited the Spanish resort town of Benidorm, the beaches of Belgium, the shores of Lake Garda, the Crimea, Latvia, and then left Europe to Goa in India, the beaches of South America, including the famous Copacabana, and Bali in Indonesia. Life’s a Beach can be interpreted as a gentle Gulliver’s warning. The photographs not only inform, make us smile or amaze, but also draw our attention to the changes in the world, for instance our ideas about recreation or the contradictions of mass tourism. The exhibition was released by the cooperation of British Council.  
Curator: TULIPÁN Zsuzsanna

Martin Parr (1952) is a British photographer and one of the best-known exponents of contemporary documentary photography. During his career, he has published over a hundred photo albums and edited some thirty books. 
He was selected as chief curator of two photography festivals: the Arles Photo Festival in 2004 and the Brighton Photo Biennale in 2010. Parr selected and curated the exhibition Strange and Familiar (2016) at the Barbican Centre in London, which explored the socio-cultural milieu of the United Kingdom through the work of international photographers. 
He has been a member of Magnum Photography since 1994 and was also its president from 2013 to 2017. Since 2013 he has been Professor of Photography at the University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland. In 2017 he established the Martin Parr Foundation. 


© Imre DRÉGELY – Invasion, 2021

Kiscell Museum – 1037 Budapest, Kiscelli utca 108.
EXPERIMENT – Contemporary Hungarian experimental photography
2022.05.06. – 06.26.
Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 – 18.00
Experimental photography is engaged with unusual materials and processes, creating exciting surfaces, visual effects and new meanings and substances. By reflecting on the medium of photography and questioning its traditional role, experimental photography is regarded as the most diverse area. Since the birth of photography, experiments with developed images  and the alteration of negative photos by chemicals or manual interventions  had been very popular. In the 20th century, avant-garde photography (László Moholy-Nagy) or the neo-avant garde generation can be regarded as the antecedents of experimental photography. Nowadays, image manipulation and alternative visual experiments (sequences, photomatrix) gain more ground, while archaic techniques have their golden age and we find ourselves encountering more and more photo-process based aesthetics or visual plays with multi exposition, construction-deconstruction or reflections. In this exhibition we show autonom artistic approaches of experimental photography and its tradition. 
Exhibitors: A. FEHÉR Vera, BUDAVÁRI Csaba,CSIZIK Balázs, DEIM Balázs, DIÓSi Máté, DRÉGELY Imre, EITER Tamás, FEDOR Ilka, FEJÉR János, GERGELY Dóra, GOMBOS Lajos, KOMÁR Sabrina, KUSNYÁR Eveline, MARTINKÓ Márk, MEZŐSI Ágnes, MIGLÉCZI Hanna, MUCSI Ágota, NAGY Zopán, NÉMETH Domonkos Tamás, PÁTKAI Rozina, RÉDLING Hanna, RIZMAYER Péter, RUMANN Gábor, SEBESTYÉN Sára, SPRENC Balázs, SZÁRAZ Katalin, SZIGLIGETI Balázs, UJVÁRI Gábor, ÜVEGES Mónika, VACHTER János, VADÁSZI Zoltán, VARGA Tamás, VÉKÁS Magdolna, WALTON Eszter, Syporca WHANDAL, ZELLEI Boglárka Éva
Curators: CSIZEK Gabriella, SOMOSI Rita 


FRESH MEAT – Király street 29. and K6 Gallery, Klauzál tér 6.
2022.04.01 – 04.21 
The K6 Gallery awaits visitors from Wednesday to Friday, between 16.30 and 19.00
Budapest Photo Festival and City Council of Erzsébetváros (7th district of Budapest) announced an open call for photographers under 35. The winners have the opportunity to participate in a group exhibition in pop-up galleries City Council of Erzsébetváros which will showcase the very best of young contemporary Hungarian photographers. This event is one of the highlights of Budapest Photo Festival. There were no genre restrictions, the exhibition revolves around series and portfolios about issues that are important for the young photographer generation today, regardless of themes and topics. The curators of the exhibition valued originality and unconventional approaches both in terms of the themes and the concepts. Locations: Király street 29. and K6 Gallery, Klauzál square 6.
Exhibitors: DÓKA Gábor, ILLYÉS Bence, ILYÉS Zalán, Dora KONTHA, Billy LAVIERE, SZÁRAZ Katalin, K. TAKÁCS Márton, TÓTH Emese
Curators: SOMOSI Rita, MUCSY Szilvia


© Gellért Gombai -Untitled, 2020

BUDAPEST VISION –  1052 Budapest, Városháza tér
2022.04.08 – 04.25
Open to the public 24/7
Street photography is one of the most popular and most dynamically evolving genres in photography. Streets act like a theatre, where life provides an unexpectable, wonderful play each day, unstaged. Thanks to modern technologies like smartphones, recording this play has practically become available to all. And Budapest with its exciting, honest and often surprising aspect offers great content for the curious eyes. 
And this amazing content was exactly what we at Budapest Photo Festival, together with Budapest Brand were eager to see, so in 2022 we oragnized an open call, Budapest Vision. The winners will be exhibited, very much duly, in an open space in the center of Budapest in Városháza square in April, 2022, as part of the programme of both Budapest Photo Festival and the Budapest Spring Festival.
Exhibitors: BENKŐ Imre, BOLLA László, CHRIPKÓ Lili, CSOMOR Ádám, DRAGON Zoltán, FARKAS Norbert, GOMBAI Gellért, HUBAI Orsolya, JÁNOSI Irén, JUHÁSZ Jácint, KIRÁLY Péter, KÓSA Krisztián, KUTASI Kovács Zoltán, MÁRKOS Tamás, NEMÉNYI Márton, SIÓRÉTI Gábor

FESTIVAL CENTER / Dokubrom - RANDOM Gallery: Intro // Collective exhibition by the new members of RANDOM Group

© Orsolya Boncsér

Festival Center – Dokubrom / RANDOM Gallery – 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 33
Intro // Collective exhibition by the new members of RANDOM Group
2022.04. 20 – 05.06. 
Tuesday – Friday: 14.00 –18.00 
Exhibitors: ASSZONYI Eszter, BONCSÉR Orsolya, KOMÁR Sabrina, VINCZE-BABA Gabriella, Syporca WHANDAL 
The purpose of RANDOM organisation is to support contemporary photographers and visual artists on the art scenes. By the annual open call for membership expands the group with new artists who present their most important works to the public during the introductory exhibition. The diversity of the creative works strengthens the visual image of the group.rátor / curator: DIÓSI Máté, MUCSY Szilvia



Festival Center - Dokubrom / RANDOM Gallery - Estonian Institute in Hungary: Karolin Kruuse - Woman

© Karolin Kruuse – Antonina, 2017

Festival Center – Dokubrom / RANDOM Gallery – 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 33. 
Estonian Institute in Hungary: Karolin Kruuse – Woman 
2022.03.29. – 04.15.
Kedd – Péntek 14:00 –18:00
Estonian artist Karolin Kruuse’s (b.1988) documentary photo series “Woman” represents Finno-Ugric women in their national clothes who were based in Estonia in 2017-2018. These women are proud of their behaviour and traditions and they are inheriting it to the next generations. The artist has asked from each participant what does it mean to be a woman? Different answers will echo around the exhibition space, and can also be read from the “red book”.

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center - The Hungarian Press Photo Contest and Exhibition is 40 years old

© Dávid Horváth – Rock, Black Sheep Festival, Dorog, 1981

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center – 1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 8. 
The Hungarian Press Photo Contest and Exhibition is 40 years old 
2022.04.20 –  05.27.
Monday: Closed 
Tuesday–Friday: 2pm–7pm 
Saturday–Sunday: 11am–7pm
The Hungarian Press Photo Contest and Exhibition has turned 40 years old. Each year it has stood as the most authentic photographic chronicle of the given period. Already at the beginning, but especially today, when we are trying to navigate through the maze of millions of news pictures and articles, it increasingly serve as a compass and provides an accurate glimpse of what went down previous year. The works that have been selected from the thousands of entries submitted each year for the Hungarian Press Photo Contest follow in the finest traditions of Hungarian documentary photography. The well thought-out category system – fourteen categories – ensures that all the most important moments in politics, culture, everyday life, nature, and sports will be on display, making for a colorful and ruminative collection established thanks to the joint effort of Hungarian photojournalists. An exhibition summarizing the 40 years of work of Hungarian photojournalists is a must!

acb Gallery - Máté DOBOKAY: SHC

© Máté Dobokay – Silver on TitanZinc

acb Gallery – 1068 Budapest, Király u. 76.
Máté Dobokay: SHC
2022.04.29 – 06.10.
Tuesday – Friday: 14.00 – 18.00
Model (working title) The exhibition entitled ‘Model’ focuses on the basic structure of photography, its granularity and the silver halide crystals that compose light sensitive surfaces. Dobokay highlights silver as the fundamental element of light sensitive materials and shows its essence on different surfaces by modelling it in prints and objects. The young artist already worked on this topic – with a closer or even a looser approach – in his previous solo exhibitions held at Capa Center Project Room (Ag, 2017), his earlier show at acb Attachment (Density, 2017), and at Pince (AgGregation, 2021). He has shown a selection of works reflecting on this topic at the Finnish Museum of Photography (Impression Remains – Helsinki Darkroom Festival, 2022).

Art9 Gallery - BOLT Photogallery - Age-companions (Detvay & Hangyál collection)

© Zsuzsi Ujj – I, 1990

Art9 Gallery – BOLT Photogallery – 1092, Budapest, Ráday u. 47.
Age-companions (Detvay & Hangyál collection) 
Weekdays: 14.00 – 18.00
The  Bolt  Gallery,  established  in  1994,  immediately  started  gathering  its  collections  and  published sixtynine multilingual catalogues each containing photographs between fifteen and twenty.The  collections  were  presented  in  many  places  around  the  world  but  not  only  represented  the  artists who  were  close  to  the  gallery  individually,  but  the  collections  provided  a  vivid  representation  of the intellectualism and fantasy that characterizes photographic thinking in Hungary.These collections are able to present a slice of contemporary Hungarian photography.


Art9 Gallery - Piran (sea trilogy)

© Zopán Nagy – Piran Zeiss Ikon duplex – 1921 -2021

Art9 Gallery – 1092, Budapest, Ráday u. 47.
Piran (sea trilogy)
Weekdays: 14.00 – 18.00
Exhibitors: NAGY Zopán, REICHERT Eszter, Syporca WHANDAL 
Analog photographic experiments:  double-triple exposures (expired in ’84,  ’91) on destroyed raw materials, mainly with old machines in 6×6, 6×9 format (e.g. Skolnyik, Buddy, Roby Boxing Machine, Zeiss Icon…) Or a performance video and Presentation ofa (common) short film made with a Super 8 camera. Archaic and contemporary dissolution:  3 creators, 3 individuals, 3 resonances = interplay! Techniques, years,  transitions between visions, and stratified, granular veil encounters in  the spirit of timeless atmospheres, all in Piran, a continuous maritime nearby: in the small medieval town of Slovenia… A  special  intellectual  trilogy: with fragmented highlights, mosaics, image slices broken down.  The performance video (on the nudist beach): an adaptation of an underwater reading, accompanied by surreal scenes… 

ArtBase Arts Workhouse - László Gálos : Virtual – Projections

© László Gálos – Model A

ArtBase Arts Workhouse – 1085 Budapest, Horánszky u. 25.
László Gálos : Virtual – Projections
2022.04.09 – 05.06
Opening by appointment: 
Tel.: +36 30 938 8806 
The glass pictures of László Gálos are as unique and unrepeatable as we  humans are. Moreover, the complexity of the wet collodion extends this similarity to the spiritual plane. Today, physical reality has lost its significance. The files have become the reality. But digitized material is not equivalent to the existing. Humanity’s transition into virtuality is  dehumanization, what is  embodied  in  the video projection-created ambro-and plexitypes of the exhibition.

ArtBase Arts Workhouse - Exhibition of the "Photo Village"

© Mea Baráth – Szamaras Lőrinc, 2020

ArtBase Arts Workhouse – 1085 Budapest, Horánszky u. 25.
Exhibition of the Photo Village
Opening by appointment: 
Tel.: +36 70 904 0621


ARTPHOTO GALLERY – Peter Herendi: ART-friends

ARTPHOTO Gallery – 1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 30.
Peter Herendi: ART-friends 
2022.03.29 – 04.21 
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 14.00 – 18.00
“I have been making portraits about my fellow artists and colleagues.By  that  time  many  good  and  numerous  not  so  good  photographs  were  made.  This  exhibition  is  a selection from the „good for me” ones. The pictures were made using digitally mixed argentotipia and PVA bichromatic photolithography.” – Péter HERENDI 

ARTPHOTO GALLERY – György Stalter: I have seen dictatorship before – Ukraine, Romania 1987 -1990

© György Stalter – Ungvár

ARTPHOTO Gallery – 1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 30.
György Stalter: 
I  have  seen dictatorship before – Ukraine, Romania 1987 -1990 
2022.04.26 – 05.19
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 14.00 – 18.00 
“I was working as a press photographer in the ’80s, therefore I had the opportunity to make photoreports in neighbouring countries for Magyar Ifjúság (’Hungarian Youth’) and Képes 7 (’Illustrated 7’). Political situation showed many similarities, but it was a lot tougher compared to ours. Only a fraction of my reports made it to publishing then, and now sorting my archives, I can make exciting series from my left out photos, which I think can be interesting for all.” – György Stalter

Association of Hungarian Architects - Gergely Máté Oláh: Inheritable spaces

© Máté Gergely Oláh – My choice man, 2018

Association of Hungarian Architects 
1088 Budapest, Ötpacsirta u. 2.
Gergely Máté Oláh: Inheritable spaces
2022.04.29 – 05.13
Monday – Thursday: 10.00 – 18.00, Friday: 09.00 – 14.00 
Gergely Máté Oláh has been living in Budapest since 2006, since then he has been looking for the real face of the city. The hidden moments that happen right under our noses, that the city dwellers live in the spaces they inherited from their ancestors, creating situations that they themselves may not know about. The inherited space puts its inhabitants in a ready-made situation, and from then on it is up to them how they live, move or hide in it day after day. When two layers of reality meet, if you shoot in the right time, a third is created. This is what this exhibition explores.

Austrian Cultural Forum - honey & bunny, Ulrike Köb - Sustainable | FOOD | design

© honey & bunny, Ulrike Köb

Austrian Cultural Forum – 1068 Budapest, Benczúr u. 16.
honey & bunny, Ulrike Köb
Sustainable | FOOD | design
2022.04.21 – 
Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 16.00
For 15 years photographer Ulrike Köb and the artist duo honey & bunny (Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter) have been working on the topic of food and design. In this exhibition they show works that broach the issue of sustainability. Food is strongly connected to climate change and ecology. The production of food uses a big share of the earth’s natural resources, with agriculture responsible for 70 per cent of the world’s fresh water consumption and around 30 per cent of its overall CO2 emissions. In addition, around 53 per cent of the earth’s land surface is used for agricultural purposes, thus creating mankind’s ‘agricultural footprint’ on the earth. Finally, in Europe up to 40 per cent of food is thrown away, meaning that these resources have been used for nothing…


Biblioteca Histórica Judía de Erzsébetváros - Program of the Japan Foundation - Krisztián KONDOR: Lonely in Japan

© Krisztián Kondor

Biblioteca Histórica Judía de Erzsébetváros – Program of the Japan Foundation, Budapest – 1077 Budapest, Csányi u. 5.  
KONDOR Krisztián: Lonely in Japan 
2022.04.04. – 21.
Monday – Friday: 14.00 – 18.00
Japan is seeing a rapid population decline since 2007. The reason for the decline in the Japanese population is a social phenomenon associated with late marriage and childbearing. OECD figures suggest that Japan is possibly the loneliest nation on Earth. Loneliness in Japan is becoming an alarming phenomenon; words like ‘hikikomori’ – ‘social withdrawal’ and ‘kodokushi’ – ‘lonely death’ have become part of the culture. Myself – challenged by social anxiety since my teenage years, living a rather lonely life in a western metropolis decided to visually explore the deeper psychological reasons behind the loneliness epidemic and the shrinking population of Japan with the parallel similarities of my life. During my visit I came to a conclusion: many japanese are utterly overworked, far too stressed and tense by the everyday social expectations and unwritten rules of their society, they tend to find romantic relationships troublesome, they are more likely to replace relationships with computer games, hirable companions and other types of entertainment.
Curator MUCSY Szilvia 

B32 Trezor Gallery - Gábor Márián: Hands up, hands down!

© Gábor Márián – Hands up, hands down!

B32 Trezor Gallery – Budapest 1111, Bartók Béla út 32.
Gábor Márián – Hands up, hands down! 
2022.04.12 – 05.06
Weekdays 10.00 – 18.00
My grandma had been ill for more than a decade. This process started after a car accident, followed by  blindness caused by cataract. The consequence of these was an early formation of senile dementia.  During this time, I documented the burdensome, painful and taboo phenomenon of home care, hoping that showing the common fate of this situation would help people like me and my family.  

B32 Gallery and Cultural Space - Miklós Nagy's exhibition

© Miklós Nagy

B32 Gallery and Cultural Space – 1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 32.
Miklós Nagy’s exhibition, opened by: Gábor Presser
2022.04.13 – 05.06
Lajos Parti Nagy ( PNL) gave the definition of his play Ibusár ‘huszerett’ because its plot is about a knight doll. Our mutual exhibition is based on the texts ( poems) of PNL’s book entitled  Létbüfé ( Existence buffet) and my photographs with his handwritten layer of poems. As the majority of the photos has the shade of powder yellow, the  title explains the twist invented by us.  I consider these works as the peak of my oeuvre because  besides the attitude of Létbüfé, the playfulness of our unconscious, the sadness, gloom and almost depression  is also present, and thus our relational inscape is spectacularly revealed. As if I’ve only photographed in my life to have a chance meeting PNL and have this particular, unique world come forward. (Miklós Nagy)

B32 Gallery and Cultural Space + TRANZIT - Double Vision

© Gábor Gerhes

B32 Gallery and Cultural Space + TRANZIT   
Double Vision. New Media Positions from the Collection of Péter Barta 
Tranzit 2022.05.04. – 2022.05.20.
1114, Budapest, Kosztolányi Dezső tér
Monday – Friday 09.00 – 22.00 

B32 Gallery  2022. 05. 11. – 2022. 06. 02. 
1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 32.
Monday – Friday 10.00 – 18.00
The digital revolution has opened up new paths for contemporary art. Péter Barta’s collection features works by, among others, Péter Szalay, Hajnal Németh, Gábor Gerhes and Marcell Esterházy, that embrace these options while reflecting critically and humorously on their impact upon communication. Spanning installations (e. g. by Tehnica Schweiz) as much as animation (e.g. by Hirotoshi Iwasaki), the collection heralds a cooperative spirit between artists and the collector in the process of creation and reception, rather than worshipping art works as fetish. 

Cervantes Institute - A. Benítez Barrios - FADING EUROPE

Cervantes Institute – 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 32
A. Benítez Barrios – FADING EUROPE 
2022.04.12 – 05.31 
Weekdays: 10.00 – 19.00
The writer Javier Marías describes the passage of time as “disdain for what exists and a fascination for what does not exist.” At what point does what we call the past set in? When does the context expire? What role does time play? Or rather, is it really time that takes care of these matters? In Mérida, Extremadura (Spain), the Roman theater built between 16-15 BC. by Marco Vipsanio Agripa is still valid, and every summer the Classical Theater Festival takes place there. However, it is impossible to find phone booths in Mediterranean cities. The photographic eye of Antonio Benítez Barrios left 10 years ago in Europe to hunt for treasures among what was once part of urban everyday life, both indoors and outdoors. Places that resist not existing or being on the way to extinction. This photographic essay portrays these reflections, in the geographical framework of old Europe and territories of European heritage: the Mediterranean, Hesperia…  scenarios where Benítez Barrios was finding corners in which the past, playing hide and seek, piles up, resisting. Even transforming the place. FADING  EUROPE is an invitation to discover how our continent has been changing its urban and interior landscape through these contemporary ruins of a daily neo-archeology that helps us to know ourselves better. 

Deák 17 Youth Art Gallery - The white city of Tel Aviv —Tel Aviv’s Modern Movement

© Unknown – The white city of Tel Aviv

DEÁK17 Youth Art Gallery – 1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc u. 17. 1st floor 
The white city of Tel Aviv —Tel Aviv’s Modern Movement 
2022.04.07 – 06.12
Tuesday –Friday: 10.00 –18.00 
The historic centre of Tel Aviv has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2003. The Israelicity on the seafront includes a unique ensemble of over 4000 houses in International Style. Under the title The White City of Tel Aviv –The Modern Movement, this exhibition organised by the City of Tel Aviv has been touring the world since 2004, and is to be shown for the first time in Hungary at the Deák17 Gallery, Budapest.  ombat: 9:00 –13:00 // Saturday: 9:00 –13:00

Faur Zsófi Gallery - Anna Bányász: The future is not the same

© Anna Bányász

Faur Zsófi Gallery – 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 25.
Anna Bányász: The future is not the same 
2022.04.28. – 05.19. 
Monday – Friday: 12.00 – 18.00
In this series of photographs, I approach the relevance of a self-sustaining economy today from an existential and moral perspective. The economy seeks to create a way of life that has nothing to be ashamed of and that does not harm others or the environment. In addition to the perspectives mentioned above, there is also room to explore emotional and personal issues. 

FISE Gallery - Tamás Réthey-Prikkel: The Hungarian State Opera has been restored

© Tamás Réthey-Prikkel – The Opera House in Budapest, 2020

FISE Gallery – 1054 Budapest, Kálmán Imre utca 16.
The Hungarian State Opera has been restored
2022.04.26 – 05.13
Monday – Friday: 13.00 – 18.00
The Hungarian State Opera has been restored. An overview of the process is presented to us through the works of photographer Tamás Réthey-Prikkel. Beyond the classical architecture photography, the series are enriched with a touch of subjective memories.

Foton Gallery - Laura Virág Szekeres, Emese Tóth: A closed open world

© Emese Tóth – Hong Kong felett az ég, 2020

Foton Gallery – 1053 Budapest, Képíró utca 6.
Laura Virág Szekeres, Emese Tóth: A closed open world
2022.03.28 – 04.09
Tuesday – Saturday 14:00 – 18:00
In the middle of the covid crisis, two young photographers set out to begin their exchange studies in Marseille and Hongkong. Despite meeting different cultures, they experienced similar inner mechanisms. Being in the middle of an intense cavalcade of new impulses, stepping out of their safe environment, both adolescents realised that they are at the beginning of a significant period in their lifetime, which will be the influent lifetime experience. While experiencing the strict covid measurements, the world has opened-, and closed up for them. The exhibition visualises their experience through symbolic photographs arranged around the above-stated intersection.

FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture - Zoltán Molnár: Chaospace Station (Budapest 1990-2021)

© Zoltán Molnár – Budapest, Krúdy utca, 2021

FUGA – Budapest Center of Architecture – 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 5.
Zoltán Molnár: Chaospace Station (Budapest 1990-2021)
2022.03.28 – 04.25
Monday to Sunday: 13.00-19.00, Tuesday: closed 
Adjacent event: Budapest pictures and collections (book presentation, the event flow, photographers talk, collection managers).
The photographer is a lonely, keen observer, always up to new challenges, ever new voluntary missions to explore, to learn, to understand the land, the spaces. Zoltán Molnár is one such open-minded, adventure-seeking photographer, who in many of his series chose metropolises as his field of action. The series, Chaospace Station “takes place” in a Budapest full of challenges, this is where he never tires to get involved in adventures, in turn joyful and gloomy, languid and avid. All of the photographer’s pictures of Budapest are informed with the devoted love with which he turns to his subject, documents and understands a sliver of the complex world of the metropolis. How do marginalized people, dogs and pigeons feel in Budapest? Why is a train or subway station sad? Find the answers as you look at Budapest through the photographs of Zoltán Molnár.
Curator: Gabriella Uhl

FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture - Gale. A photo-based selection from the collection of László Zimányi

© Ottó Kaiser – Gone with the wind, 2010

FUGA – Budapest Center of Architecture – 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 5.
Gale. A photo-based selection from the collection of László Zimányi
2022.03.30. – 04.25
Monday to Sunday: 13.00-19.00, Tuesday: closed 
Founded in 2017, the Festival regularly presents photo-based selections from private collections. Besides the Szöllősi-Nagy–Nemes Collection and the Arcana Collection, shown each at several locations, and with a catalogue, also the Balázs–Dénes Collection, the Gonda–Hetényi Collection and the Csaba Kertész Collection have featured so far. Now, in 2022 László Zimányi’s collection, noted so far mostly for its paintings, will reveal lyrical (Demeter Balla, Lenke Szilágyi) as much as socially engaged (Attila Csáji, András Koncz) photographic compositions. 

FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture - Moody Mirror. Photo-based works from the K-ARTS Art Foundation Collection

© Miklós Gulyás – Szabadság tér, 1997

FUGA – Budapest Center of Architecture – 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 5.
Moody Mirror. Photo-based works from the K-ARTS Art Foundation Collection
2022.04.06 – 25
Monday to Sunday: 13.00-19.00, Tuesday: closed
Based in Kecskemét, the KÉSZ construction holding hosts an artist colony (established 2004) every summer. Although noted mostly for the steel sculptures, the company’s growing art collection embraces all kinds of media. This exhibition showcases photo-based compositions of a meditative (Csilla Babinszky), confrontational (Krisztina Erdei), humorous (Jama Antal Farkas), socially engaged (Miklós Gulyás) and identity-driven (Tibor Gyenis) kind, among others.

HÁROM HÉT GALLERY – Anna Szujó - Imre Baric: Light / conditions

© Imre Baric – Light 09, 2015

HÁROM HÉT Gallery – 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 37.
Anna Szujó – Imre Baric: Light / conditions
2022. 04. 07 – 27.
Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 11.00-15.00, Saturday: 12.00-18.00
Light is an infinity of experiences and feelings. This exhibition shows how light transforms everyday objects and simple materials into wholeness. When the photographer who took the shot exposing the camera for a hundredth of a second – in natural light – and took a picture of, say, a fence with its weathered paint, essentially captured how, 500 seconds earlier, in outer space, 40,000 tons of hydrogen had been transformed into helium.  Well, what is this if not a miracle?

HM - MoD Military History Institute and Museum - Animals-in-arms: Dogs and soldierselection from the photographs of the Hungarian War Correspondence Company, 1941-1944

© Unknown – György Újszászy flight lieutenant with his dog, ca. 1930/40

HM – MoD Military History Institute and Museum
Military History – 1014 Budapest, Kapisztrán tér 2-4.
Animals-in-arms – Dogs and soldiers
2022.04.13 – 2023.03.28 
Tuesday – Sunday 09.00 – 17.00
The MoD Military History Institute and Museum’s new outdoor and indoor photo exhibition presents footage of dogs serving in the army – transporting or providing medical care during the First World War, working in today’s Hungarian Defence Forces as explosives detection dogs. It introduces photographs of loyal dogs standing next to Hungarian soldiers on the front or in the hinterland from the period of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to present day. 


Hybridart Space - FORGÓ Árpád (HU) & Dagmar KELLER - Martin WITTWER (DE): Suspended Time

© Dagmar KELLER -Martin WITTWER – #10, From the Passengers series, 2010/2011

Hybridart Space – 1052 Budapest, Galamb u. 6.
FORGÓ Árpád (HU) & Dagmar KELLER – Martin WITTWER (DE): Suspended Time 
Thursday – Saturday: 15.00 – 19.00 or by appointment: info@parallelalapitvany.hu
2022.04.09 – 05.01
Passengers in transitory space and out of time. A peculiar atmosphere that characterizes both the nocturnal portraits of German artist couple, Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer, taken at a bus station somewhere in Poland, and the shiny, glittering shaped canvases of Árpád Forgó. The artists met in 2018, during the artist residency program of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai.
Curator: PINTÉR Gábor

ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA DI BUDAPEST / XENIA GALLERY - Claudia Gori: Beyond the Tiber – Going forward

© Claudia Gori – Maurizio and Moghrian, 2020

ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA DI BUDAPEST  –  Galleria Xenia – 1088 Budapest, Bródy Sándor utca 8.
Claudia Gori: Beyond the Tiber – Going forward
2022.04.05.- 26. 
Monday – Friday 14.00 – 19.00 
In September 2020 I walked for 9 days, from the source of the Tiber River up to Perugia. I covered 150 km on foot. As the eternal river was widening and cutting different landscapes every day, I have experienced slowness in the act of walking without ending up back to square one, just going forward. The work is part of Oltre Tevere, a collective visual investigation of the Tiber river made by five photographers, conceived by PhotoTales, supported by Eternal Tiber, with the collaboration of Around The Walk and Ammappalitalia.

K11 Labor - Ilka Olajos: Panel

© Ilka Olajos – Untitled, 2021

K11 Labor – 1075 Budapest, Király u. 11.
Ilka Olajos: Panel
2022.04.08 – 04.28.
Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 18.00
The painterly landscapes of Melinda Kovács with their peaceful beauty, clean lines and hidden symbols, deal with the presence and phenomenon of infinity and metaphysical existence. Built with the means of photography, extracted from reality by superposed layers, the yet romantic images show us a fictive world. The artist studies the meanings of objects and visions in her landscapes and in the scientific collection-like tableaus of ordinary and sacred objects.

KARINTHY SALON - Melinda Kovács: Finite and Infinite

© Melinda Kovács – To be V., 2021

Karinthy Salon – 1111 Budapest, Karinthy Frigyes út 22.
Melinda Kovács: Finite and Infinite
2022.03.29 – 04.22.
Monday – Friday: 11.00 – 18.00
The painterly landscapes of Melinda Kovács with their peaceful beauty, clean lines and hidden symbols, deal with the presence and phenomenon of infinity and metaphysical existence. Built with the means of photography, extracted from reality by superposed layers, the yet romantic images show us a fictive world. The artist studies the meanings of objects and visions in her landscapes and in the scientific collection-like tableaus of ordinary and sacred objects.
Curator: SOMOSI Rita

K.A.S. Gallery – Károly MINYÓ-SZERT: Couple

© Károly Minyó-Szert, 2019

K.A.S. Gallery – 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 9.
Károly MINYÓ-SZERT: Couple
2022.03.26. – 03.30
Wednesday – Friday: 15.00 – 18.00 
“With the Couple series, Minyó-Szert went deep inside, reaching I-YOU-IT. While it is about the images of human couples, it is rather about a world of perceptibility and tolerability that comes to life if we watch the other.” Kurdy Fehér János
“The barn building in Minyó ‘s living space has been transformed into a sacred laboratory space for the series. The invited couples took their seats here in front of a light source and their shadows recorded on a photosensitive surface of wood. Camera-free photography, or simply light-shadow rendering for the yeses? ”: Károly Minyó-Szert

K.A.S. Gallery – Gyula CZIMBAL: Encounters

© Gyula Czimbal – Ákos Bánki FLUMEN, 2020

K.A.S. Gallery – 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 9.
Gyula CZIMBAL: Encounters
2022.04.28 – 05.21
Wednesday – Friday: 15.00 – 18.00
In Gyula Czimbal’s photographs of artists, image and reality become almost one. He places the artists in their own studio, or in the environment of their works , but in a set scene where the artist and the work of art become identical. The question is to what extent the personality of the painters are present in their work and, conversely, to what extent the personality is transformed by the resulting oeuvre.

KisPont Gallery - Fekete Attila: FarmWall

© Attila Fekete – FarmWall 01, 2021

KisPont Gallery – 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 9.
Fekete Attila – FarmWall
2022.04.13.- 28.
Monday – Friday: 16.00 – 20.00

There are – still – a lot of empty wall surfaces in Budapest. Old firewalls, which rarely display billboards, although they could even provide space for an exhibition.
As firewalls are less and less, they are covered by floor extensions and the toothpicks are installed and here’s the parallel, that on the disappearing firewalls a picture of a vanishing world, the farmsteads appear. Most of the farms have already been abandoned, and the buildings left behind are being destroyed, in many cases already destroyed.
The fate of the two worlds, the old remains of the city, and the farms left to themselves point in one direction. The exhibition, like a virtual cityscape exhibition, is a memento of these two worlds. The original photos were taken between 2015-2021.

KUBIK coworking / Czech Centre Budapest - Petr ZATLOUKAL: Series Aerobic (1984-1987)

© Petr Zatloukal – Aerobic, 1984–1987

KUBIK coworking / Czech Centre Budapest – 1137 Budapest
Jászai Mari tér 5-6.

Petr ZATLOUKAL: Series Aerobic (1984-1987)
2022.04.25 – 05.13.
Working Days: 9:00 – 16:00
In the 1980s, group exercise for women, which came from Western Europe and the USA became very popular in the former Czechoslovakia. Photographer Petr Zatloukal succeeded in capturing women who working out and dreamt of a different and better life. It is mainly due to the female models that photographs still, many years later, convey strong emotions and experiences against the backdrop of modestly equipped school gyms and the weathered concrete surfaces of dilapidated sports grounds.
Czech centre:

KUBIK coworking

Magdolna Courtyard Art Gallery and Local History Collection - Artér Art Association photographers

© Zoltán Molnár

Magdolna Courtyard Art Gallery and Local History Collection – 1221 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos u. 24.
Artér Art Association photographers:
Beregi Edina, Czimbal Gyula, Drégely Imre, Farkas Ildikó, Haid Attila, Herendi Péter, Kalas Zsuzsa, Mag Krisztina Szilvia, Molnár Zoltán, Varga Gábor György
2022.03.25 – 05.17.
Thursday – Saturday: 10.00- 18.00
Theme: promotion and presentation of contemporary photography and experimental motion picturesThe exhibition is about the realization of the still image with light – its solutions that use it as a fine and photographic art process with an abstract visual world. At the exhibition entitled Age Picture, visitors can meet photographs, photographic images and abstract photography. Among the exhibited works we can find chemical and digital photography, a technique that offers countless possibilities for expression.

Mai Manó House - Nicholas Nixon

© Nicholas Nixon – The Brown Sisters, 1975

Mai Manó House – 1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 20.
Nicholas Nixon
2022.03.29 – 05.29
Tuesday – Sunday: 12.00 – 19.00
Nicholas Nixon first photographed his then 25-year-old wife, Bebe, and his three sisters in 1974 – Heather (23), Mimi (15) and Laurie (21). According to the legend, this photo was not preserved. The negative was destroyed because they were not satisfied with the result. The following June, at Laurie’s graduation ceremony, the sisters stood in front of Nixon’s lens again, and the picture taken at that time was to everyone’s liking. So, they were determined to repeat it every year from then on. At the exhibition in Mai Manó Ház, visitors can see these works of the photographer, which is a long-term, documentary and yet deeply personal experiment.


Mai Manó House / PaperLab Book Store - Károly Minyó-Szert - First rolls

© Károly Minyó-Szert – Damascus, 1973

Mai Manó House / PaperLab Book Store – 1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 20.
Károly Minyó-Szert – First rolls 
2022. 04.27- 06.05.
Tuesday – Sunday: 12.00-19.00Closed on Mondays and public holidays
Károly Minyó Szert’s first rolls, taken in Syria, are a documentation both of his introduction to the genre of photography and to a foreign culture. The photographs, captured in Damascus and Palmyra in 1973, show buildings and figures of a world still intact from the war, as seen through the eyes of an 18-year-old boy. The images, which have been lying in a drawer for almost fifty years, are now on display for the first time on the walls of the PaperLab gallery. The exhibition is free to visit.

MEXICAN EMBASSY / THE RED DOOR GALLERY - Carlos Hahn: Un Largo Acercamiento / A Long Zoom

© Carlos Hahn

Mexican Embassy / The Red Door Gallery – 1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 13.
Carlos Hahn: Un Largo Acercamiento / A Long Zoom 
2022.03.29 – 05.08
Wednesday – Saturday: 15.00 – 19.30
An exposition which presents landscapes of Mexico. Carlos Hahn was born in Mexico City in 1955. Since a young age, he was an active member of the Photographic Club Yohualli, participating in its bi-monthly seminars, contest, and photographic events between 1972 and 1989. In 1980, after finishing his studies in electric engineering and being a professor at the Metropolitan University, he begins his career as a professional photographer. Since then, his work has been published in numerous magazines, calendars, and art books; he has been awarded different prizes such as Comfot (1993), Conabio (1999), Kodak (1999), and Industries ABB (2000); he has displayed his work on collective and individual exhibitions such as “La Otra Cara de tu Ciudad”, “México Hecho a Mano”, at Chapultepec, and “Un Largo Acercamiento” at the Gallery of the Laboratorio Mexicano de la Imagen, and the French Alliance; “México Luz y Color” at Universum UNAM.
His interest in landscapes and Mexican cultural expressions has led him to travel across the country and compose a large photographic archive.
Author of the book collection “México Hecho a Mano (centro, sur y norte)”, “México 360º – Texturas y color & Mercados)”, and “Horizontes”.

MissionArt Gallery - Árpád Szabados: Photoworks

© Árpád Szabados

MissionArt Gallery – 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa u. 30.
Árpád Szabados: Photoworks
2022.03.29 – 04.26
Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 18.00
It isn’t widely-known that the painter Árpád Szabados also used photography to produce artworks in a relatively short period, during the years before and after 1980. Speaking of the seventies, Tibor Hajas is quoted several time as saying that photography is not a branch of the fine arts, but the fine arts themselves, as this technique is democratic and international. Well, at that time, many Hungarian artists took camera to express their own unique world in a new, different and experimental way. The photoworks of Árpád Szabados create a coherent pictorial world from a conceptual position, in a completely different way from his painting and its sensuality. Obviously, this period of Szabados’ art is connected to his contemporaries who also used photography, in several ways. András Baranyay, Imre Kocsis and Gábor Pásztor surely had an influence on his art, and the photos of Tibor Hajas encouraged him to create concrete works. 

Molnár Ani Gallery - Solo exhibition of Carlos Aires

© Carlos Aires – Sweet dreams are made of this, 2016

Ani Molnár Gallery  – 1088 Budapest Bródy Sándor u. 36.
Solo exhibition of Carlos Aires
2022.04.13 – 06.11
Monday –Friday: 12.00 – 18.00
Carlos Aires (1974) is an internationally acclaimed Spanish artist known worldwide mainly for his modified photographs and vinyl sculptures. The exhibition at Ani Molnár Gallery, Aires’ first solo show in Hungary, presents works that deal with the visual representation of historical and political figures and events, mainly from a critical perspective, but always in a humorous way.

MYMUSEUM Gallery - MURÁNYI Kristóf, Isabel VAL - Back to the Present

© Isabel Val – Sztár, 2016

MyMuseum Gallery  – 1052 Budapest, Piarista köz 1 . Három Holló, middle floor (entrance: Szabadsajtó út)
MURÁNYI Kristóf, Isabel VAL – Back to the Present
2022.04.22 -05.26
Opening hours: every day between noon and midnight, guided tour from 7pm on Wednesdays 
The exhibition focuses on the dual nature of time. While living in the present, one perceives the past simultaneously due to their surroundings. House interiors, objects, the landscape of the city, they all provide a continuity through which one is connected to what has existed there before. As a result, for most people ‘present’ incorporates the past as well, and they are not two separated categories when perceiving a moment. Conversely, the artists of the exhibition, Murányi and Val approach objects and urban surfaces as archeologists, they deconstruct our understanding of ‘now’, analyze how the past exists within our present, and with their artworks they make it visible to us how ‘the parallel times’ work within a moment.

Slovak Institute of Budapest - Andrej Balco: HouSink

© Andrej Balco – HouSink

Slovak Institute of Budapest – 1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 15.
Andrej Balco: HouSink
2022.04.07 – 05.06
Monday – Thursday: 10.00 – 18.00, Friday 10.00 – 14.00
The series mapping the phenomenon of modern forms of housing in urban and rural localities throughout Slovakia. The series of colour pictures shows the current trends in housing in an authentic manner and with a sense for details and humorous exaggeration. It is a kind of a captured dream of new, modern urban housing estates or new row houses in suburban residential satellite areas. It also provides an insight into human souls and ideas about ideal living, materialised from different digital architectonic programmes into reality in the form of concrete, bricks or plastic windows and doors set in the Slovak landscape. Andrej Balco’s pictures thus sensitively capture the need of the local population to reshape the surrounding space and change the character of the landscape in their image. Text by Andrej Jaroš
The project was created with the financial support of the Slovak Arts Council.

Turbina Cultural Center - Camões Institute Centre for Portuguese Language - Luis Ramos: Loneliness

© Luis Ramos – Loneliness 09

Turbina Cultural Center – Camões Institute Centre for Portuguese Language – 1082 Budapest, Vajdahunyad utca 4.
Luis RAMOS: Loneliness
2022.03.28. – 04.17.
Monday – Sunday: 12.00 – 24.00
„Loneliness” is not intended to show or describe a situation or tell a story, but rather to convey a feeling that can turn into melancholy, or depression if taken to the extreme. The being is not free to choose loneliness, to the extent that loneliness is imposed on him by the very nature of being. However our relationship and closeness to the other are part of the choice of each one – almost always. During the period in which these photographs were taken, between December 2020 and February 2021, our capacity of decision was limited by the government and health authorities who kept us confined to our homes for long periods, depriving us from the freedom of choice and movement. As a result, city streets and public places became lifeless, leaving us with a deep feeling of loneliness.
Curator: MUCSY Szilvia

VILTIN Gallery - Sári Zagyvai: Excursion

© Sári Zagyvai – The sea 01, from the Excursion series, 2021

VILTIN Gallery – 1061 Budapest, Vasvári Pál u. 1
Sári Zagyvai: Excursion
2022.04.13 – 04.30 
Tuesday – Friday: 13.00 – 18.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00
Sári Zagyvai’s latest series explores issues of digital visual culture through the presentation of popular tourist landscapes. The works explore the relationship between the objective landscape and the subjective, personal image-making process, whereby found footage is objectified into reinterpreted reality through the processing of dream-like visions and transformations. The known world becomes an abstract creative language through the artist’s varied intervention techniques. 

Vízivárosi Gallery - János Eifert: Master and his disciples

© János Eifert – Dual consciousness, 2019

Vízivárosi Gallery – 1027 Budapest, Kapás utca 55.
János Eifert: Master and his disciples
2022.04.05 – 27
Tuesday – Friday: 13.00 – 18.00,
Saturday: 10.00 – 14.00
The series of the exhibition “Master and His Disciples” by photographer János Eifert has arrived at another station, this time in the Vízivárosi Gallery . In addition to the freely chosen themes of the exhibition, the depiction of dance, movement and rhythm will play a prominent role, as the gallery is connected to the event of the Berczik Sára Dance Institute, the World Day of Dance. 

YUNUS EMRE ENSTITÜSÜ - Turkish Cultural Centre – The colours of Anatolia

YUNUS EMRE ENSTITÜSÜ – Turkish Cultural Centre – 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 62. 
The colours of Anatolia
Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 18.00 
The colours of Anatólia, or in other words, Anadolu, not just gave a home to the different civilizations but connected distant cultures. On the antique land of Anatólia, every civilization left its marks, despite they lived there for a temporary period or forever. These marks live on in their architecture, customs, food, but most importantly, on people’s faces. Photographer Mustafa Yirmaz’s goal is to show and to document the antique Anatólian civilization culture, and it’s history and beautiful geography.

Festival Center / Dokubrom - Random Gallery

FESTIVAL CENTER / DOKUBROM – RANDOM Gallery – 1111. Bartók Béla út 33.
A series of programmes at Budapest Photo Festival in the Festival Center: lectures, screenings, talks and portfolio review. 

BPF Screening Nights – Screenings by Hungarian photographers
Entrance for all events is free. Register here: budapestphotofestival@gmail.com

Dobos Tamás
2022. 04. 07. – 18:30

Sivák Zsófia
2022.04.13 – 18:30

Móricz-Sabján Simon
2022.04.27. – 18:30

Ritter Doron
2022.05.04. – 18:30 

FESTIVAL PLUS - Hotel Clark & Leo Bistro: ’Unseen’ by Norbert Zsólyomi

© Norbert Zsólyomi – Unseen

FESTIVAL PLUS – Hotel Clark & Leo Bistro – 1013 Budapest, Clark Ádám tér 1.
Art Corner by Clark and Leo pres.: ’Unseen’ by Norbert Zsólyomi 
2022.03.31 – 05.31 
Everyday – 07:00 – 00:00
The photos of Norbert Zsolyomi can be found every day on the covers of the most prominent Hungarian fashion magazines, but the vivid creative images are made for orders. You rarely meet Norbert Zsolyomi’s works where there is no “customer”. The Art Corner by Clark and Leo welcomes his ‘UnSeen’ collection for the first time, where you will only find works that reflect his own artistic ars poetica free from other influences. 
Click here for more. 


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