Programs & Exhibitions

KUNSTHALE (MŰCSARNOK) - Alex Webb: The Suffering of Light

© Alex Webb: Along the river, Yaviza, Panama, 2004

© Alex Webb: Along the river, Yaviza, Panama, 2004

Műcsarnok (Kunsthale), 1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 37.
Alex Webb: The Suffering of Light
1. March – 9. April 2017.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-18.00, Thursday 12.00-20.00, Closed on Monday

The Suffering of Light series from Alex Webb, the outstanding photographer of the international photo agency MAGNUM, will be exhibited for the first time in Hungary by the cooperation of Kunsthale and the Budapest Photo Festival.
A 63-piece exhibition is the first major monograph of Webb, who is a true pioneer in the realm of modern color photography. The series, which was taken in several countries across three continents, includes his most famous images. Alex Webb is at the forefront of contemporary American photography. His photographs feature intense colors and a wonderful play between light and strong shadows. The pictures are complex and multilayered, their style combine street photography, reportage and fine art.

He was born in 1952 in San Francisco. His images were published in the most prominent magazines, like New York Times, LIFE, Stern, GEO and National Geographic. He was exhibited in the International Center of Photography in New York, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, among others. Webb received numerous awards throughout his career, in between them the Leica Medal of Excellence in 2000 for his excellence in photography, and the renowned Premio Internacional de Fotografia Alcobenas prize in 2009 for sensitively depicting the life of children.

He became a member of Magnum Photos in 1976, the agency was co-founded by Robert Capa back in 1947. Webb currently lives in New York with his wife, Rebecca Norris Webb, who is also a photographer and a poet.

The exhibition is the highlighted program of the Budapest Photo Festival, the annual city-wide exhibition series and sponsored by the Embassy of the United States and by Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok).
Curator: Klára Szarka photo historian


CASTLE GARDEN BAZAAR - SUBJECTUM - Variations for Portraiture / Contemporary Hungarian Photography

Mészáros László: Szépség

Mészáros László: Beauty

The Castle Garden Bazaar – 1013 Budapest, Ybl Miklós tér 2-6.
SUBJECTUM / Contemporary Hungarian Photography
2017. 08.04. – 31.05.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12.00-18.00

Portraits made photography a serious art medium in the 19th century. As it became possible to fix the human presence on photosensitive materials, a new era began in history. Photos of human faces and figures completely changed how people perceive themselves and others. It turned the conventional visual depiction on its head and it made photography a professional vocation.
Our relation to portraiture as models, photographers, art lovers, scientists and historians continuously changed and developed throughout the nearly 200-year-history of photography. Portrait history was marked by both calmer golden ages and chaotic artistic crises from its beginning in 1839 until today, but the importance of human presence in pictures was never questioned. Nowadays, courtesy of electronic devices, billions of portraits and self-portraits are made, which makes it seem ever more important to take a closer look at the human presence in contemporary Hungarian photography. Budapest Photo Festival creates a comprehensive exhibition every year around a topic, showing its relevance to the local photographers. With Szubjektum, we examined the contemporary approaches to portraiture.
Self-portraits, portraits, personality portraits and genres: they search for the possibilities of portraiture through the dilemma of objectivity-subjectivity, personality-impersonality; and they approach the depiction of the individual along personal connections and relations. It can appear both as novelistic reinterpretations or as successors of traditional portrait paintings; but the portraits that are bestowed with symbols placed in their own environment – such as the series about photographers – can also suggest a narrative beyond a given composition. The pictures in the exhibition tell stories of fate, state of mind – also in the model-photographer relation-, milieu, subcultures and last but not least (as with dual portraits) the visual depiction of time. Meanwhile the images based on the physiognomy of the face, or the self-portraits made with unusual techniques, formats and in sometimes unusual environments study the layers of personality. 
The exhibition is represented by the cooporation of the Budapest Spring Festival.

BAKOS Flóra, BALLA András, BALÁZS Zsolt, BENKŐ Imre, BÍRÓ Dávid, BUDA Gábor, BŐDEY János, CHOCHOL Károly, CZIMBAL Gyula, DOBOS Tamás, FAZEKAS István, FUCHS Lehel, GOMBAI Gellért, GULYÁS Miklós, GYULAI Szilvia, GÁTI György, GÖTZ Krisztina, HAMARITS Zsolt, HEGEDŰS 2 László, HERENDI PÉTER, HORVATH M. Judit, HORVÁTH Péter, HUPJÁN Attila, KAULICS Viola, KISS Emese., KOKAVECZ Boglárka, KOLOZSI Bea, BILAK Krisztina, LÁZÁR Alexandra Emese, LONDON Katalin, LUZSICZA Fanni, MARÁCZI Krisztián, MÉSZÁROS László, MÓRICZ-SABJÁN Simon, NEMCSIK Dávid, PATAKY Zsolt, PILLÓ Ákos, PÁLHÁZI Petra, RÉDLING Hanna, S.FARAGÓ Gyöngyi, SCHILD Tamás, SIÓRÉTI Gábor, SOMOGYVÁRI Kata, SZATMARI Gergely, URBÁN Ádám, VACHTER János, VARGA Tamás, WALTON Eszter

FESTIVALCENTER - Photometria International Photography Festival 2016 “Home”

Savvas Karapanagiotis: Öreg ház, 2016

Savvas Karapanagiotis: Old House, 2016

FESTIVALCENTER / Budapest Projekt Galéria – 1053 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16.
Photometria International Photography Festival 2016 “Home”
2017. 15.03. – 05. 04.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 14.00-19.00

The exhibition is constituted by the 25 best photos of the International competition “home”. The exhibition was presented as part of the event in June of 2016 in Ioannina – Greece and continues its journey to 13 cities around Greece and 3 countries abroad. Theme which offers a wide field of expression, in any approach, is meaningful and with plenty interpretations.


FESTIVALCENTER - Lecture and screening of Raúl Moreno


Raúl Moreno: Chernobyl

FESTIVALCENTER / Budapest Projekt Galéria – 1053 Budapest Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16.
Lecture and screening of Raúl Moreno Spanish photographer
2017. 17. 03. Friday, 18:00 pm

Raúl Moreno, (Spain, 1979.) winner of Photon Festival Valencia 2016. with his work about Chernobyl. A few kilometers from Chernobyl, there is a radioactive atmosphere that can not be seen but can intuit. People still want to live in this area. Thirty years later we can still see the effects of this invisible enemy.
Moreno’s work has been exhibited in Spain, Italy and Ukraine, and has been published in some national and international media. He was a finalist for the scholarship Albarracín photography and journalism in 2010/11, Photon Festival finalist in 2013 and awarded in Bilbao Mendi Film Festival 2014 the film “Alps Travelogue”. Winner of Photon Festival 2016 and winner of the 1st scholarship Albarracin-DKV directed by the renowned photojournalist Gervasio Sánchez. Finalist in the “Festival of Ethical Photography ” section European Photographer Award | Spain 2016.

FESTIVALCENTER - New City – MOME, Photography MA

Turós Balázs: Defence – Belfast, 2016

FESTIVALCENTER / Budapest Projekt Galéria – 1053 Budapest Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16.
New City – Moholy-Nagy University Of Art And Design, Photography MA
2017. 07. 04.. – 28. 04.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 14.00-19.00

It may take several decades for visions of urban planners to be confirmed or refuted. Students of photography MA program seek answers to the question whether we are able to abandon the environment of our socialization? Do new messages filter through ingrained automatisms? Is there more than just individual ambitions, economic interests, political and ideological games to validate the need for change? How does an authoritarian redesign of the environment alter and affect its inhabitants?

FESTIVALCENTER - Photography training at the Secondary School of Visual Arts Presentations with discussion

2015-2016; műterem

Photo: Zsófia Poth

FESTIVALCENTER / Budapest Projekt Galéria – 1053 Budapest Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16.
Photography training at the Secondary School of Visual Arts
Presentations with discussion

ARTBÁZIS GALLERY - Random - Scratch

RANDOM_A4_300dpi_CMYK_nyomdakeszArtBázis Gallery – 1085 Budapest, Horánszky u. 25.
Random – SCRATCH
2017.03.24. – 04.14.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 15.00-19.00

Group exhibition of RANDOM – Association of Contemporary Photographers, that represents the latest works of the artists. New perspectives of the contemporary photography, topography, documentary narratives, new trends of portraits…
The purpose of RANDOM organisation is to support contemporary photographers and visual artists on the domestic and international art scenes and to make their art accessible to the public by exhibitions, workshops, contests. Our goal is not just the Gallery, but to build a strong art society as well. 



Venczel Attila: Inanimus

Artphoto Gallery – Artphoto Galéria, 1111 Bartók Béla út 30.
VENCZEL Attila: Inanimus
2017.02.27. – 04.14.
Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday – Friday: 15.00 – 19.00.

An unique, archaic technique: the collodium process – the past and future of photography. Things that were once alive, and the analogy of lifeless objects, through the contrasting similarities of organic and geometrical shapes. Attila Venczel’s exhibition is a voyage into the psyche of photography.

DEÁK 17 GALLERY - Maia Flore: Imagine France


Maia Flore: Imagine France

Deák 17 Youth Art Gallery – 1052 BUDAPEST, DEÁK FERENC UTCA 17. 2nd floor
Maia FLORE: Imagine France
2017.03.14.– 04.15.
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10.00-18.00, Saturday 9.00-13.00

„Imagine France” brings us to a dream-filled voyage through the most beautiful cultural sites of France, through the photographic works of Maia Flore. For this series of 28 photographs, she has created a character who has adapted to each location to make it both surprising and poetic. As actor and spectator, this recurrent character livens up and renews heritage sites.
Partners: The Institut français, Atout France, VU’ Agency.


Gáldi Vinkó Andrea: Jeu Suis Belle I. 2016.

Gáldi Vinkó Andrea: Jeu Suis Belle I. 2016.

Deák Erika Gallery – 1066 Budapest, Mozsár utca 1.
INSTAX – Group exhibition
2017.03.30.– 04.29.
Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday 12.00-18.00, Saturday 11.00-16.00 and by appointment

The exhibition put the evolution of the technical background og photography into his focus. We give an instax mini camera to photographers. We will represent the 10-10 photographs made by this camera on the exhibition. The concept of the pics and the way of the installation are in the hands of the artists. The instant camera has its big comeback of its 60-70-80’s big run. The instant photo creates a new culture in the age of social medias. The exhibition os looking for answers the different use the camera what gives the possibility to create unique and unrepetable pics and we are also curious on the impressions of the artists with this technical device beside analogue and digital cameras.

Exhibitors: DÉRI Miklós, DOBOKAY Máté, EMBER Sári, GÁLDI Vinkó Andrea, PUKLUS Péter, RÁKOSSI Péter, SZILÁDI Mónika

FAUR ZSÓFI GALLERY - Accentuated Reality

Pecsics Mária: Objects in mirror, Frog

Pecsics Mária: Objects in mirror, Frog

Zsófi Faur Gallery – 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 25.
Accentuated Reality
2017.03.23.– 04.19.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 12.00-18.00

What is reality? What is reality for you? How is that subjective reality for each and every individual? The artists of the Faur Zsófi Gallery are looking for the answer to these questions. Although different motives are emphasized in the work of each and every artist, they all have found the common truth through the medium of photography, in which they can create, and express themselves. The blur of the urban space, the vacant big cities, the shape of the lying animals in the driving mirror and the moments with carved surface belong to this accentuated reality. These motives connect, mirror and project to each other.


Kiss Andrea: FemMe

Kiss Andrea: FemMe

FISE Gallery – 1054 Budapest, Kálmán Imre utca 16.
2017..03.21. – 04.07.
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 13.00-18.00

The „selfs” are made by individual-photo-technique that allows a special view for examining the feminine existence. The photo-album titled the same as the show will be presented during the exhibition. The artist has already met success with other pieces from the same collection both in- and outside Budapest. Her photos are regularly invited by a Spanish art-book-editor for covers.


Lucien Hervé: Az UNESCO-palota építése közben, 1955

FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture – 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 5.
Encounters – Selection from the Szöllősi-Nagy–Nemes collection
2017.04.12. – 04.24.
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10.00-21.00

The exhibition is a selection from the András Szöllősi-Nagy – Judit Nemes collection. The collection, which first started growing in Paris during the 90s, is mostly comprised of works by Hungarian artists based in France. The main theme of the exhibition are artist portraits and pictures that capture the process of labour, with special focus on Lucien Hervé’s works.

GREGERSEN ART POINT - Body (Gábor Kerekes and other works)

Kerekes Gábor: Békák 1992

Kerekes Gábor: Békák 1992

GREGERSEN ART POINT – 1093 Budapest, Lónyay utca 31.
BODY (Gábor Kerekes and others works) – Selection from the Szöllösi Nagy-Nemes Collection
2017.04.05. – 04.16.
Opening Hours: by appontment

 Heads, eye lens, hands, ears, bodies, self-portraits even shadows can show a colourful selection of the human body, not to mention the BODY of the animals and insects, by selected photographers from the collection, with a special cabinet devoted to the OBSERVATION series by Gábor Kerekes.


Lugosi Lugo László: From the series Coal, 1993

Lugosi Lugo László: From the series Coal, 1993

VOKE Széchenyi István Railway Community Center – 1045 Budapest, Elem utca 5-7.
LUGOSI Lugo László: Coal – Selection from the Szöllösi Nagy-Nemes Collection
2017.03.29. – 04.09.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00

The photos in this exhibition show the closed down locations of the once prolific coal mining in the Mecsek mountains in the South of Hungary.

HORIZONT GALLERY - Liz Nielsen: Snake Charmer

Liz Nielsen: Starry Mountains, 2016

Liz Nielsen: Starry Mountains, 2016

Horizont Gallery – 1066 Budapest, Zichy Jenő utca 32.
Liz NIELSEN: Snake Charmer
2017. 08.02. – 03.22.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 14.00-19.00, Saturday 14.00-18.00

In her most recent work, Liz Nielsen’s focus is on transcendence through abstraction and recontextualization. Her images fold time and space creating an overlap or an emergence of two worlds. The photographs presented in Snake Charmer reveal manifestations of these double visions evoking a third space. To see it, the viewer must dedicate strong attention to both the representation and the abstraction at the same time.

HUNGARIAN OLYMPIC AND SPORTS MUSEUM - Lajos Vermes The First Hungarian Sports Photographer

Kató József:  Beállított ökölvívó jelenet. Jobbról Vermes Lajos. Kolozsvár, 1899.

József Kató: Straged boxing scene. Lajos Vermes on the right, Cluj 1899.

Hungarian Olympic and Sports Museum – 1146 Budapest, Ifjúság útja 2. M2 Puskás Stadion metro station
Lajos Vermes The First Hungarian Sports Photographer
2017.03.02. – 04.29.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-17.00

Lajos Vermes, as an all-round sportsman, used photography from the 1880s onwards to promote the sports scene. Documenting his own, and his contemporaries’s activities, erecting a memorial for the early era of Hungarian sports. During his work, he has started off with studio photography, but then went on to phase-photograpy, reaching the body cult of the turn of the century.


Iphigenia in Tauris (Éva Ruttkai), 1982

Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute – 1013 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 57.
ILOVSZKY Béla – 40 Years Riding the Tumbleweed
2017.03.10. – 06.30.
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 09.00-16.00, Friday 9.00-14.00

The exhibition features the artist’s theatre works in the past 40 years. Performance photos from the Gyula Castle Theatre, the Zsámbék Theatre, the Szeged Contemporary Ballet, the Budapest Kamaraszínház and theatres abroad. The last section offers a selection of 40 years of theatre photography.


Emil Rabending: Queen Elizabeth in real coronation dress, 1866

The fence of the Hungarian National Museum – 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14-16.
Here they are! – Selection from the Portrait Collection of the Historical Photo Department
2017.03.09. – 04.30.
Opening hours: Non-stop

We would like to present the wealth of the Potrait Collection of the Historical Photo Department, storing photographs from the era of daguerrotypes up to modern times. These are photographs from different authors, different times, and made with different techniques. They depict characters of various social standing, occupation and age.
Curator: LENGYEL Beatrix


Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism – 1036 BUDAPEST KORONA TÉR 1.
2017.04.04. – 05.17.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-18.00

The gastro photos of Karoly Hemző are a very important part of his activity and serve as a testimony of his very intensive and characteristic passion and love of life. He and his co-producer and spouse, Mari Lajos, created a new genre in gastro-literature, that provide both a delectable and sophisticated experience to their readers. We serve hereby a delicious and tasteful selection within the gastro-photo series of our exhibitions.


Antonio BIASIUCCI: Magma, 1993

Antonio BIASIUCCI: Magma, 1993

Instituto Italiano di Cultura – Xenia Gallery – 1088 Budapest – Bródy Sándor u. 8.
2017.04.12. – 04.30.
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 10.00-18.00, Friday 10.00-15.00

Antonio Biasiucci has been familiar with the world of volcanoes (Vesuvio, Campi Flegrei Solfatara, Stromboli, Vulcano, Etna), his photographs show an extensive landscape, from the separate images about the abstarct shapes of lava, geysers and boiling mud.

K.A.S. GALLERY - Péter Herendi: Photo-graphics

Herendi Péter

Herendi Péter

K.A.S. Gallery – 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 9.
HERENDI Péter: Photo –graphics
2017.04.28. – 05.16.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 14.00-18.00

Wide selection from 30 years of artwork.

KISCELLI MUSEUM - KÉPLET – IMAGE SCHEMA Budapest Street Photo, from the beginnings to the present

Máté Bartha: Klauzál Square, 2015, Unknown Photographer: The dock of the Steamer at Vigadó square, ca. 1900

KISCELLI MUSEUM – 1037 Budapest, Kiscelli u. 108.
KÉPLET – IMAGE SCHEMA // Budapest Street Photo, from the beginnings to the present
2017. 21. 04. – 25. 06.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-18.00

The photographic genre called Street Photography from the 1950s has evolved gradually since the last decades of the 19th century, primarily in Paris and New York. Such images were made in other metropolises as well, including Budapest. Our photo exhibition KÉPLET – IMAGE SCHEMA pioneers in outlining the history of this popular photographic genre as it appeared in Budapest based on a selection of old photos from a museum’s archives – the Photo Collection of Kiscell Museum – as well as works by contemporary photo artists. The history of our metropolis also reveals itself through these images from a new perspective.

K11 Art and Cultural Centre - Mariya Kozhanova: Declared Detachment

Mariya Kozhanova - Defender (2013)K11 Art and Cultural Centre – 1075 Budapest, Király utca 11. 
Mariya Kozhanova: Declared Detachment
2017. April 04 – 2017 May 07
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 pm

The portraits of the series “Declared Detachment” show young people who live in times when Russian society and its structures so far seem to fall apart. A time of change. The lack of trust in society, the lack of perspective and a sometimes lacking basis for their own identity – all this let that young people use the identities of different cultures and they draw from the repertoire of popular pop cultures in order to be part of a group. An example of this is the Japanese “Cosplay”, a term made up of costume and play. In this world of anime, manga, games or film heroes with their attractive, colorful figures, it is possible to reinvent themselves and to take a borrowed identity. An attempt to build an illusory world on top of daily life routines.

The exhibition realised in a cooperation between the K11 Art and Cultural Centre and the Foundation for Contemporary Art.

K11 Art and Cultural Centre - Schild Tamás: Nellys

Schild Tamás – Nellys

K11 Art and Cultural Centre – 1075 Budapest, Király utca 11. 
Schild Tamás: Nellys
2017. April 04 – 2017 May 07
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 pm
An essay on longing. Not on longing per se, perhaps just on this side of longing. Tamás Schild is not into photojournalism when he follows through the life of a roma family in Southern Hungary. He is into the whirling of emotions; the silence and enthusiasm; the desire and the disillusionment. The intense moments that permeate the life of this small community. The boundaries of wholesomeness of life are elsewhere than in the life of the viewer. Probably it is for this very reason that  they are so strong imperatives to face ourselves. 

The exhibition realised in a cooperation between the K11 Art and Cultural Centre and the Foundation for Contemporary Art.

MOLNÁR ANI GALLERY - Péter Forgács: Stories of Random Bodies

Forgács Péter ANEKDOTs, 2015

Péter Forgács: ANEKDOTs, 2015

Molnár Ani Gallery – 1088 BUDAPEST, BRÓDY SÁNDOR UTCA 22.
FORGÁCS Péter – Stories of Random Bodies
2017.03.08. – 04.28.
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday 12.00-18.00

The stories of random bodies are about banal image-statuses, might reflect the spectators seeking eye, those, who look at and see the other, or might not. The image itself is the myth and a fabricated error. The provoking, the waiver, or the forbidden look and the cancelled image are the proof: offender and witness are visible. It is the stutter, the soprano, the coda of body images.

PLATÁN GALLERY – BELONGING(S) exhibition of Anna Orlowska and Puklus Péter

Anna Orlowska: Erotic, 2016

PLATÁN GALLERY – 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 32.
BELONGING(S) exhibition of Anna Orlowska and Puklus Péter
2017. 02.15. – 03. 23.
Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 11.00 – 18.00

Individual and collective identities are strongly influenced by the memory of places and objects. Even though these can be transformed or not in evidence anymore, cannot be erased completely. Exhibition presents series of photographs not only in the traditional form, but accompanied by compound works, where pictures were applied just as a starting point for non-linear narration based on mixed media objects. Here private archeology comes to the voice by recreating and mapping artefacts, revisiting local history and re-thinking regional contexts of Central-Eastern Europe, coming to the point, when questions about identity need more complex answers.

PLATÁN GALLERY – RECOGNITION exhibition of Szymon Roginski and Milán Rácmolnár

Szymon Roginski: PROJECT UFO, 2006 – 2008

PLATÁN GALLERY – 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 32.
RECOGNITION exhibition of Szymon Roginski and Milán Rácmolnár
2017.03.29. – 05.04.
Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 11.00 – 18.00

SZABÓ ERVIN CENTRAL LIBRARY, KISGALÉRIA - Judit Erzsébet Szabó: Drained-off Pond

Szabó Judit Erzsébet: Tómeder

Szabó Judit Erzsébet: Drained-off Pond

Szabó Ervin Central Library, Kisgaléria – 1088 Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 1.
SZABÓ Judit Erzsébet: Drained-off Pond
2017.04.05.– 04.29.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-20.00, Saturday 10.00-16.00

The ponds in the Budapest City Park are drained off each autumn and winter. The uncared-for natural and architectural surroundings, as well as the people who show up there, reflect the millennium era in the mirror of our times, or perhaps, reflect our times in the mirror of the millennium.

TOBE GALLERY - Angela SAIRAF: The Secret Life of the Tapuicacas

The Secret Life of Tapuicacas | Untitled 2015

TOBE Gallery – 1136 Budapest, Herzen utca 6.
Angela SAIRAF: The Secret Life of the Tapuicacas
2017. 03.02.– 04.07.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 14.00-18.00

Tapuicacas are closer than you think. Actually, they are everywhere, especially in artistic environments. Their life is top-secret and they never reveal their true identity. I am lucky enough that some of them agreed to be photographed by me, which is truly an honour. In this series, I have portrayed the Tapuicacas in different situations all over the world.

VÁRFOK PROJECT ROOM - Máté Dobokay : Post Painterly-Abstraction

Dobokay Máté: Spots 7, 2014

Várfok Project Room – 1012 Budapest Várfok utca 14.
DOBOKAY Máté: Post Painterly-Abstraction
2017.03.31. – 04.29.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11.00-18.00

At the Várfok Project Room two series from Máté Dobokay will be on view, the special landscapes of the Spots together with the works of the Hommage a Hantai Simon series, which reflects on the pliage technique of the legendary painter; these two will form the basis of the exhibition. All works are defined by the reductive attitude approaching the material itself and the intertwining of photography and painting.

VILTIN GALLERY - Different Worlds - Group exhibition of PHOTON GALLERY Ljubljana

Andrea Palasti: Home Workouts Shopping List, 2013

Andrea Palasti: Home Workouts Shopping List, 2013

VILTIN Gallery – 1061 Budapest Vasvári Pál utca 1.
Different Worlds –  Group exhibition of PHOTON Gallery Ljubljana
2017. 03.30. – 04.15.; and 2017.04.20. – 05.06.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 13.00-18.00, Saturday 11.00 – 17.00

The cooperation of VILTIN Gallery and Photon Gallery showcases the latest tendencies of the contemporary photography of the Western Balkans region and Hungary through the works of emerging artists. Selected by an international jury the artists, coming from ex-Yugoslavia and Hungary, will be presented in sequence of two exhibitions.

Lana BREGAR (SI) / Jaka BULC (SI) / Deyan CLEMENT (SR) / Mia ČUK (SR) / Vedad DIVOVIĆ (BiH / DE) / Ibro HASANOVIĆ (BiH / KS) / Sanja Knežević JOVANOVIĆ (SR) / Andrea PALAŠTI (SR) / Tina UMER (SI)

VILTIN GALLERY - Everywhere you look | Young Hungarian photographers

BÍRÓ Dávid - Axioma Series (2017)VILTIN Gallery – 1061 Budapest Vasvári Pál utca 1.
Everywhere you look – Young Hungarian photographers
2017.04.20. – 05.06.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 13.00-18.00, Saturday 11.00 – 17.00

The cooperation of VILTIN Gallery and Photon Gallery showcases the latest tendencies of the contemporary photography of the Western Balkans region and Hungary through the works of emerging artists. Selected by an international jury the artists, coming from ex-Yugoslavia and Hungary, will be presented in sequence of two exhibitions.

Exhibitors: BÍRÓ Dávid, FÁTYOL Viola, MARTINKÓ Márk, PÉTER Ildikó, SÁRKÖZI Péter, SZÁRAZ Katalin

YUNUS EMRE TURKISH CULTURAL CENTRE - Murat Gür: Portraits of Everyday Life

Murat Gür: Iside the palace, Rajasthan, India, 2012

Murat Gür: Iside the palace, Rajasthan, India, 2012

Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre – 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 62.
Murat Gür: Portraits of Everyday Life
2017.03.21. – 04.21.
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 09.00-18.00

The exhibition aims at introducing the everyday life of people around the world. The photos were taken in different countries by a popular Turkish artist. The photos show the everyday life and faces of the world and different cultures.